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DAFA welcomes its second digital art trainer, Isaac Liang!

The 9th of February marks Issac's first digital art workshop! Other than showcasing his artworks within the DAFA community as a Deaf illustrator, Isaac went on further to share his expertise and skills as a digital art trainer as well!

Despite numerous learning challenges faced during his early years, Isaac persevered and successfully graduated in 2011with a diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation) from Nanyang Polytechnic.  

Specialising in both digital and traditional illustrations, he often travels around the world to draw and paint as a digital nomad. To date, many of his beautiful sketches and illustrated works have been published in books. For many, it is difficult not to find his personable style of sketching relatable and interesting. To find out more about his daily musings, follow him on his Instagram account @zhijieart.

May this workshop be the first of many more to come, welcome on board Isaac! 

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