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We advocate media and digital literacy through digital art 

DAFA (Digital Arts For All) is an inclusive ecosystem of people who use digital arts to instill a stronger consciousness for media and digital literacy through empowering workshops, volunteering opportunities, and showcasing of works to the public.


We believe that creativity is the connecting key to educate, empower and strengthen inclusiveness in society today. To us, digital art is a powerful medium of communication for individuals to express themselves and connect with others.

Kick-started by Make The Change Pte Ltd (MTC) in late 2017, DAFA is an initiative supported by the Media Literacy Council (MLC) to build a digital arts community that serves the purpose of educating the public on media and digital literacy.

Built on the foundational values to Be safe, Be smart and Be kind, we encourage everyone to embrace their own creativity and participate in various programmes designed to welcome different facets of society.

Within 6 months, we have reached out to nearly 500 people, 8 VWOs, and successfully trained 300 of them in the span of 24 workshops. 

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Critical Thinking in DAFA

To become a responsible digital citizen, it is essential to have a critical mindset in order to analyse and evaluate online information. 


Having a critical mindset refers to the ability to think clearly and make a reasoned judgement. Critical thinkers can identify, analyse and draw logical conclusion from information given.

With critical thinking, you can better recognise fake news, distinguish reliable sources and share accurate information. It allows you to become more compassionate and empathetic when involved in an online world. 


Our DAFA classes would involve many case studies and activities to prompt our participants to actively ask questions and engage them in order to develop their critical mindset. 

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Who does DAFA Support?

Communities from all walks of life are given a platform to express themselves through digital arts while becoming more aware on how to be a responsible digital citizen. Their works of digital art will then be showcased on the website’s gallery and e-commerce platform.  

What is DAFA trying to achieve?

At the heart of DAFA is inclusiveness.


DAFA purposed itself to:

  • Welcome and celebrate every participant into the inclusive ecosystem

  • Be an open space for ideas to flow and be expressed creatively

  • Cultivate a discerning eye to generate and share content responsibly

  • Exemplify the DAFA DNA of being safe, smart and kind as a way of life​

  • Appreciate and give recognition to every created artwork by enabling artists to share and access their works on the online gallery

Image by Luke Chesser

If you are interested in joining or have any  questions, please drop us a message below!

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