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DAFA goes for its first digital art class!

How do the digital tablet and a stylus pencil differ from the classic paper and inked pen?

Welcoming all who are interested in exploring this medium, DAFA (Digital Arts For All) was birthed to gather and connect people with digital art as the common touch point. 

Before the drawing of lines and shapes, DAFA's earlier session last week rolled out a fresh canvas on why and how digital and media literacy is fostering a healthier, friendlier environment for people to share and receive content online.

On the canvas lies the premise in which the discerning creator-consumer should approach content with a consciousness for online falsehoods. Only then can the online sphere grow to arm itself in true inclusivity.

In its second session, DAFA zoomed in to the technicalities of the Procreate app. Our friendly and skilled digital art trainer, Carlos Diaz, introduced the basic functions of the app and demonstrated the ways in which users can leverage on digital tools to create art.

From the critical selection of a specific colour shade to the pressure applied in brushes and strokes, participants were opened up to an array of plausible options.

We look forward to see how our participants can use what they have learnt and reinterpret the information in their own ways to share with our partnering communities-in-need.

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