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DAFA's take on digital and media literacy

Exciting update! 12 days into the new year of 2018, DAFA rolled out her digital and media literacy facilitation workshop at the acclaimed M.A.D. School by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy. 

In the 3-hour session, DAFA brought her theme of inclusivity home by exploring what it means to be discerning in the online sphere. Carol Loi, DAFA's master trainer for digital and media literacy, raised a few thought-provoking questions to the group and challenged them to think further about the information that they spread and receive online almost everyday.  

How can we make sure that we are responsible creators and consumers of content?

Other than discerning eyes, practical tips such as cross-referencing to other sources and contacting associated organisations directly for verification will also serve to reduce misinformation. 

Key examples were also listed for better illustration. Several of the participants at the session have had a friend send them the message: "Is this your video?" with their actual names appearing with it. Carol warns against clicking any of these links as they might potentially be viruses. A viable solution is to first use another platform (Eg. Facebook or WhatsApp) to cross-check with their friend if they did personally send the message. 

Here are some tips from our digital and media literacy expert:

- Beware of fake Facebook accounts, and take action to report them 

- Hide your Facebook friend list to protect your friends and family members 

- Take the time to read through and check before giving any personal information

- Take a step back and think about the information if it triggers reactive, emotional responses

- Access the source to determine its reliability 

- Do a fact-check with the information obtained

Digital and Media Literacy are essential prerequisites for creativity to triumph and grow freely in a safe, inclusive and encouraging space. The emphasis cannot be further underlined by the Green Paper calling for online falsehoods earlier this month. 

Now that we have established good ground, DAFA's next session on the 19th January will focus on an integral introduction to digital art followed by a hands-on session using digital tools.

We hope that our facilitators can take this chance to learn more about digital art and use this knowledge to help and co-create art pieces with our communities-in-need later on.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 

-Pablo Picasso

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