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DAFA with young creative designers from MWS Girls’ Residences!

Unlike the ordinary workshop, this one was broken into 2 sessions. Twice the session, twice the fun!

Media Literacy was the main character of the first session! And just like most main character, it was a stunning part of the show. We presented our three key values: Be Safe, Be Smart & Be kind through slides and educational games with the participants.

The best part was that although it was conducted in a classroom setting, the presentation was nothing like the boring one-way teaching and one-way learning! As the participants were all active users of the internet, there were a lot of interesting sharing from them which made the learning more well-rounded, even for us!

It was a fulfilling session there as we look forward to our next visit!

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we introduced Digital Arts, our next main character of DAFA at MWS Girls’ Residences!

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