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DAFA with People’s Association!

It was our first time conducting a DAFA workshop at the People's Association! It was an early session but we were warmly welcomed by the persons in charge and the participants. Before DAFA started, we already had participants asking questions about the activities we were going to do.

Since our participants were mostly seniors, our trainers focused more about cyber security, emphasising the importance of data protection and online falsehood online. It is vital for seniors to know how they can protect themselves and their personal information, especially when they are more vulnerable to technology and the cyber space.

After the media literacy portion, we dived into the fun activities we have curated for them! We taught the participants how to create artwork using PowerPoint and the basic shapes available. They even learnt how to turn their artworks in a GIF!

Our trainers enjoyed the session with the participants and we hope that they have acquired important knowledge about online safety!

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