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DAFA with our MTC interns!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

For the past few months, Make The Change has welcomed interns from Temasek Junior College, Raffles Girls Secondary, Singapore Chinese Girls School, ITE Central, PeiHwa Secondary and Zhenghua Secondary.

We’ve had the chance to mentor these students during their internships where they could learn about social good through our various programmes, especially Digital Arts For All (DAFA).

They were able to cultivate new skills while trying out our iPads and Apple Pencils for the first time.

This unique GIF (by Samiksha from Temasek JC) was also featured during our DAFA shoot with IMDA. Stay tuned for it in the coming month!

"I also learned a useful amount of skills. Such as using iPad functions which include; screenshot, screen record, airdrop and procreate. Most of it was taught by Jade.

Other skills included lessons; Internet safety which teaches you to be kind, safe and smart. Filming which teaches you camera movements and composition. Social entrepreneurship and the different methods to a social problem and finally. Creative design and how to convey meaning through images."

- Khadijah, ITE Central

Jessie from Temasek JC

“The work attachment was very fun and engaging. We were able to learn a lot such as different ways to angle a camera and how we can create our own GIF using Procreate. We were able to also gain experience in a working environment which will help benefit us in the future.”

- Abyana, Zhenghua Secondary

Sylvia from Temasek JC

YinZi from Raffles Girls Secondary

Melanie from Singapore Chinese Girls

These are just a couple of the amazing GIFs focusing on DAFA's three pillars of Media Literacy: Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind.

If you’d like to know more about our DAFA workshops, please contact us!

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