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DAFA visits the elderly at Apex Harmony Lodge!

On the 11th of March, our DAFA team went down to Apex Harmony Lodge to teach the elderly.

What made this session so memorable was our lovely Change Maker Team spearheading their first workshop in 2020! The team's determination in engaging the elderly made this a warm experience. Most of them have never used an iPad before, making this their inaugural experience in using such technology. Effortlessly connecting with the elderly, the team guided them. Their step-by-step instructions were succinct, allowing the elderly to learn the basics of an iPad, Apple Pen, and Procreate in a jiffy! The elderly were impressed with how much technology has developed over the years and were fascinated by the ingenuity of Apple Pens, calling them "shen bi" or magic pen in Chinese.

One key learning point of the lesson is having a life-long learning attitude. While it can be difficult for some to adapt to the ever-evolving technological world, the team's humbling encouragement motivated the participants to press on. In the end, sketches, doodles, and portraits filled the room with laughter, satisfaction, and contentment. This was nothing but a heartening experience as our DAFA team got to witness the changing attitudes of some of our participants for the better. And this is what DAFA strives to achieve - instilling a stronger consciousness for media and digital literacy through empowering workshops. We believe that creativity is the connecting key to educate, empower and strengthen inclusiveness in society today.

Evidently, many of the elderly gravitated towards nature and food as most eagerly drew butterflies and apples. We hope our participants enjoyed digital arts as much as our DAFA team enjoyed conducting the workshop!

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