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DAFA says hi to its varsity facilitators!

Moving into the second month of the year, the 1st of February turned out to be yet another fulfilling session for a warm group of varsity students! Welcoming tertiary students from campuses such as NTU, NUS and SMU, the evening workshop opened up an opportunity for those who have been wanting to connect or give back to the community.

No matter how small or big, the DAFA team always strives to create value for its participants in every workshop. 

When elaborating on the role of the facilitators, the DAFA team went back to the root word of "facilitate" in Latin, which means "to make easy" or things "less difficult". Rather than a perfect, complete expert on digital tools and art forms, DAFA is simply looking for someone who is willing to help make things easier for others to understand and enjoy the workshop. We prize the latter as our priority and appreciate hearts who are aligned with us. The evening was graced by several varsity students who agreed with us.

Several hands were raised and numerous heads nodded when asked if the group had created or received content online for the last 24 hours.

That is a small telling sign of how much information we consume daily as a collective whole.

Drawing this lifestyle habit to the importance of discerning content online, the session continued to elaborate on what it means to be safe, kind and smart.

Following that, it was transited into digital art, whereby participants were tasked to create a superhero that embodied the DAFA DNA of being safe, kind and smart.

This was spearheaded by a brief introduction of characterisation and ideation.

All in all, DAFA is thankful for such an attentive crowd. We look forward to having some of these participants back as our facilitators in the coming week.

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