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DAFA’s first face to face workshop since Circuit Breaker!

After 4 DAFA workshops online, we finally had our first face to face workshop with the art students from Yuying Secondary School! We were excited to finally head down to the school to conduct the DAFA workshop.

Since it was a small group, we had a very interactive and informative session with the students. As our trainer was going through the importance of media and digital literacy, the students asked many relevant questions and some even shared their experiences with cyber scams and internet impersonations. We were thankful that the students participated actively which led to a very fruitful and insightful discussion about media and digital literacy.

After the educational portion of DAFA, we moved on to the more creative part of it which is digital drawing! We were finally able to provide iPads and apple pencils for the students to draw :DD As expected from art students, we were blown away by their artistic abilities. Their artworks look even more amazing when they were converted into GIFs! While they were drawing, we played some music to lighten the mood and soon, we could see the students singing along and talking among themselves. It was definitely a very laid back and comfortable DAFA session with them!

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