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DAFA returns with our digital art trainer, Issac Liang!

It was a big day for DAFA and for Issac Liang, our talented digital art trainer; we’re featured on Media Literacy Council!

Joining us on this very special day, we have individuals from all walks of life, each with their own unique strengths and not forgetting their amazing talent in drawing! We started the session with none other than our media literacy class and it was full of laughter and learning. The session was insightful as we discussed the dangers and share various tips to keep each other safe in the online space.

And what came next was Digital Arts! I have to admit, Issac’s slides are the best! One distinctive point of Issac’s class is definitely his detailed and knowledge-packed deck of slides that have helped all of us learn digital arts step-by-step in a seamless way. It took us no time to learn the basics of ProCreate and we were then tasked to draw a portrait of our seat partner! It was when all the fun begins! There were sketches, paintings and even caricature of individuals and when the portraits were shown on the screen, we had to guess who the person in the drawing was! Despite coming from different backgrounds, the session was full of laughter and fun as we made new friends and learnt something new together!

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