DAFA is back at the Very Special Arts!

We are happy to be back at VSA to conduct another session for the children there! We were greeted by new faces but they were equally excited and welcoming.

The media literacy part was conducted first as we shared with them the importance of realising fake news and how to avoid falling for them. We also emphasised the significance of standing up to cyberbullying, especially when we are all living in the era of social media. The children and their family members paid great attention as we imparted our knowledge of media literacy to them.

The workshop moved on to the second part, digital literacy, which the children were all excited about. When we were giving out the IPads, they could not wait to draw and express themselves. Many of them were already playing around with the different functions of the IPad and some even tried to surf the net! They were all so tech savvy! Most of them have already mastered the use of Procreate when we barely went through the different functions of it.

It was nice to see the children enjoy themselves, be it drawing or even bonding with their family members. We hope to see them become great artists in the future!




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