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DAFA is back at MWS Girls’ Residence!

Our DAFA team was looking forward to the next session with the girls at MWS as they were so participative and fun to be with and finally the day has arrived! The girls greeted us with the same enthusiasm as the first time we met them and some even remembered our names! Aren’t they just lovely (:

As we had already gone through the media literacy class the previous lesson, we started our session with a simple recap on how to use Procreate again and we played another drawing game. It was so much fun watching them race against time to draw out a picture for the next person to see!

After the game, some of them continued with the drawing from the previous week while some started on a new one. We taught them new tricks and tips to make their drawing even better and they were very receptive and eager to learn more! How adorable!!

Time passed quickly with them and soon it was time to say goodbye. All of them showed us their finished drawing proudly and we ended our session with a group photo. Even though it was just a short 2 day session with them, we are thankful to have the opportunity to bond with the girls and make everlasting memories with them. One of the girls even wrote us a thank-you letter and it will definitely be a memory that none of us will forget!

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