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DAFA goes west at Jurong Secondary School!

On the second week of March, we had the privilege to visit Jurong Secondary School. Nostalgia was accentuated as the vigour of the students reminded us of our youthful days. To start off, we introduced the concept of Digital Literacy. In a nutshell, it encompasses the practices that allow people to access, critically evaluate, and create or manipulate media. Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind were the three values we placed emphasis on. In this world of technological advancement, we believe that it is imperative for everyone to start gaining mastery of Digital Literacy to protect themselves in the ever-evolving online world.

Though it was their last day of school before the March Holidays, the students battled against their desires to go home as they learnt about the art of media literacy. An honourable mention, we would say. Furthermore, a pleasant experience of this workshop was the respect the students had shown. When tasked to perform mini online activities, they were always on time and up to standards.

During the second half session, we moved on to Digital Arts, where students were given the freedom to animate GIFs of any kind. Effortlessly, they managed to learn how to use creative software like Keynote and Procreate on the iPad. Emboldened with creativity, they produced a multitude of interesting GIFs. Ranging from the the values they learnt from the lesson to cartoon animations, the students all had unique perspectives towards their own creations.

We hope this workshop showed them the importance of Digital Literacy, as well as inspired some to start taking up the Arts.

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