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DAFA goes east at Pasir Ris Primary School!

Our DAFA team was warmly welcomed with the old-school greeting from the student and it was as though we took a trip down memory lane! It has been that long for us!

Like any other DAFA class, we kickstarted the session with a media literacy class and it was eye-opening! The students, although only at a young age of 10, knew so much about today’s online matter and had so much to share about their very own unique experience online. They were constantly asking questions and this curiosity of theirs really is admirable!

After a short break, we moved on to the second half; Digital Arts! They were quick to learn and in no time, they have mastered the basics of using Procreate! For the next hour, they were tasked to explore the application and to draw anything that they wanted to share with their classmates. There were superheroes who they dreamt of being, the cosy homes that they grew up in, classrooms which they study in every day and so much more! The students were very creative and honestly, it was a joy having them!

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