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DAFA conducts its 5th online workshop at Ngee Ann Secondary!

We had a late afternoon DAFA session with the students from Ngee Ann Secondary School! Despite conducting so many DAFA workshops since its beginning, every session has been a memorable one for our trainers, including this.

Similar to other sessions, we covered the 3 core values of digital and media literacy, which is Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind. As our trainer was talking about the cyberbullying situation in Singapore, we had 1 student share about her experience with cyberbullying. She revealed that she tend to cross the line between sarcasm and criticism, hence she had unintentionally hurt a few of her friends with her words. Upon hearing that, their teacher gave a really great advice, which is to think before you make certain remarks. Ask yourself if you will get hurt from the words you are planning to say, if you will, then refrain yourself from spilling such words. Our trainer also shared that she also has the tendency to go overboard with her jokes towards her friends, but she learnt to filter or paraphrase words. It was a good learning experience for all of us as it showed us the severity of one’s words.

We moved on to the fun part after the sharing. As the students had iPads and apple pencils with them, we saw many amazing drawings and illustrations! Our trainers are constantly surrounded by amazing artists like them!

We hope that this DAFA session was a very educational and enriching one for the students! We have learnt alot from them as well!

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