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DAFA at the Very Special Arts!

On the 9th of September, our DAFA team was invited to VSA to conduct a media and digital literacy workshop for the very adorable children there. They were all very excited to learn, especially the drawing part.

We started off with the media literacy part, emphasising on the point of cyberbullying, which can be very prevalent among children in the social media era. The parents were also paying great attention when we were sharing what is fake news and how we can avoid falling for them. It was nice to see them actively listening and participating when we asked them questions.

We then moved on to the digital drawing part, which the children were all thrilled about. They could not stop looking at the IPad and playing around with the different function. Before we could even teach them all the functions on Procreate, some of them have already mastered the app and were drawing themselves or their favourite things. We were pleasantly surprised by how fast they learn and the class was a breeze to conduct as many of them understand the functions really well.

Time passed really quickly with them and soon it was time to wrap up. We are glad that many children expressed their interest in the app Procreate, and many parents were very receptive in letting their children’s creativity run free. We hope these children will grow up to become aspiring artists!

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