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DAFA at Mayflower Secondary!

We've had the absolute pleasure of teaching the Literature students from Mayflower Secondary. It was a unique experience as they were new to using Apple Pencils but were more than happy to try their hands at creating digital art for the first time; and many showed an artistic flair for drawing their favourite characters.

But the core of DAFA was for the students to truly comprehend the meaning of being safe, smart and kind online. Their teacher Ms Shagun praised the workshop on being very relevant to students their age. Even those sure of their grasp of the various forms of media literacy were surprised by their results during the quiz, especially with their grasp of fake news.

Earlier this month we celebrated Safer Internet Day, which is a reminder to us on the serious dangers that come with our overuse of technology, which include hacked social media accounts, dangerous trending challenges, fake news and cyberbullying. Unless we are directly affected by them, we don’t realise how awful they can be.

But that shouldn’t deter us from using it once we receive the right education.

That is precisely why our DFG Youth Competition design brief this year is the Better Internet Campaign, which is all about creating a safer and better internet for everyone. We are open for submissions and close on June 15.

Schools that wish to enter will get a complimentary 2-hour Digital Arts and Cyberwellness Workshop for your students.

“At this digital arts workshop, there are no crayons and paper. Instead, participants create drawings on iPads, and also pick up media literacy skills along the way.” - Read more at TODAY ONLINE

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