Back to back public DAFA workshops!

We had 2 DAFA workshops on Friday! Our trainers are excited to see the participants face to face once again! Even though it was 2 classes back to back with only a very short break in between, our trainers still taught each session with enthusiasm. It was great to see the participants actively sharing their experience and knowledge about cyber security and cyber wellness during the media and digital literacy section!

As the majority of the participants were in the art and media industry, we saw many amazing digital drawings done by them! Some even incorporated the core values of DAFA Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind into their artworks. We even taught the participants how to use the animation tool in the Procreate app!

Despite the little rest our trainer had, both workshops were a fulfilling one! We hope the participants were able to bring home important and relevant knowledge about media and digital literacy after the session!