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DAFA had a great time at MDAS!

DAFA met up with our long-time friend MDAS (Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore) on the 8th of Feb for a fruitful workshop with the youth facilitators! 

The workshop started off after a light-hearted k session from the MDAS family. DAFA's facilitators were made up of a group of varsity students from SMU's Social Startup Challenge 2018, alongside 2 other youths who were passionate to take the chance, and make the change. 

Taking a leaf out of the earlier facilitator workshop that they have attended, the varsity students steered the session with a useful presentation on digital and media literacy.

More specifically, they also shared on their own personal experiences with online safety and the steps they took to discern the information received online. This enabled them to engage with the audience and offer relatable insights. 

Each facilitator was paired with one or two MDAS member after the presentation to start with the digital art workshop. Getting ideas from the workshop participants, the final art work was a huge godzilla being targeted by laser beams and a fortress to protect us from malicious content online. 

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