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3 highlights from DAFA's first exhibition!

It's finally here! 

To showcase DAFA's growth for the past six months, we held a 3-in-1 public exhibition at the City Of Tomorrow. Not only are our artworks a manifestation of our participants' understanding towards media and digital literacy, they are also showcasing creativity on a digital canvas. 

Even if the thought of digital drawing hasn't crossed your mind, you can probably imagine how a digital canvas can open up countless possibilities for self-expression. Be it ink, pencil, brush or even differing textures, digital art lowers the barriers for more to be express and connect individuals together.

At the same time, social media has also created easier ways for people to share their works almost instantly.

Hence, it is not hard to see why we chose digital art to be our medium for participants to express their own interpretations to the values: “be safe, be smart and be kind"in DAFA.

Here are the top 3 highlights of DAFA's first exhibition!

1. The 162 one-of-a-kind artworks 

When you pass by our space in-between City Hall MRT and Esplanade MRT, the first thing to catch your eye is probably our 3 walls of artworks. Out of the 3, 2 walls featured a total of 116 participants' artworks. 

We are happy to have professional digital artists supporting us in our endeavour. Believing with us that we can all do our part to build a more inclusive space online, every contributing artist has a distinct art style in their craft, exemplifying the endless possibilities that digital art carries.

On the other hand., many of our participants' artworks are digital self-portraits that typify how the first step to improving digital and media literacy begins with ourselves. For example, you can report inappropriate content to alert websites. Scrolling through new information? Verify a source’s credentials before sharing the information to your loved ones. 

2. The Public Workshops

Other than the artworks, the central space is reserved for our public workshops! 

Most of our participants were trying out digital drawing for the first time. Our digital art trainers, James and Isaac, each conducted a beginner-friendly class to our workshop participants. 

3. Having Art Personalised On The Spot

Last but not least, we also had 2 of our DAFA artists feature in our exhibition as well! 

These live art sessions have attracted crowds to visit the space.

Be it digital caricatures or painted illustrations, the engagement presented the DAFA value of "Be Kind".

4. DAFA Bonus: Behind-the-scenes 

It has been a fruitful journey for us, and we want to thank all our partners who have worked with us in making this exhibition possible.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who dropped by. We appreciate all the support given to us ever since our inception in December last year.

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