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DAFA is at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School!

We welcomed the first week of August with an online Digital Arts For All workshop with the students from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls!

The girls were shy and a little quiet at the beginning of the workshop but they slowly warmed up as we went through the introduction and the mini ice breaker activity. Despite being soft spoken, they still participated actively via Zoom chat when our trainers asked questions.

Similar to the other DAFA sessions we have conducted, we went through the importance of media and digital literacy, putting more emphasis on the last value Be Kind. Teens like these girls have been exposed to the digital space since they were very young. This makes them more vulnerable to the dangers online, especially cyberbullying. Therefore, it is our job to educate them about what are the rights and wrongs in the cyberspace and how they can think critically and evaluate their choices and consequences made online.

The fun part came after! The girls learnt how to create illustrations and GIFs using Keynote - a slide creation app on the iPad. Despite being new to the concept of creating art on a Keynote, they were really fast learners and after 10 minutes of exploring, we saw many cute artworks posted on the Padlet wall. Youths these days are really talented!!

We hope that the girls were able to pick up useful information about media and digital literacy at the end of the session!

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